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Best Way to Clean Your Roof

Clean Your Roof

Best Way To Clean Your Roof In Surrey, BC

As your roof protects you and your family for years, it’s unsurprising for it to get dirty over time. It is important to clean your roof on a semi regular basis to keep it in peak condition. 


Common dirt such as leaves, soil, and branches can be commonly found on any roof. Aside from these common types of dirt, it is also very common to see some residential roofs to have mildew, moss, or mold growing over them. It’s best to have your roof cleaned every few years or sooner if you have any buildup. 


These types of dirt can damage roof shingles and cause leaks. So, it is very important to get rid of them in the soonest possible time.


Some homeowners prefer to pressure wash their roofs to remove the dirt off of it faster and more effectively. However, numerous roof experts actually advise the use of extreme force in removing debris from roofs – including the use of pressure washers. This because while pressure washers care powerful cleaners – they could be way too powerful for your roof.


Roofs aren’t designed to handle extreme impact or force. In fact, pressure washing can be really damaging that doing it on your roofs can instantly void you of any warranty you have on your roof. Using pressure washers on your roof can remove shingles together with the dirt you are trying to remove.


Instead, you can carry out some other roof cleaning techniques that can be as effective, but not as destructive, as pressure washing:


  1. Mix a mild detergent with warm water.
  2. Apply this mixture directly on your roof and let it sit on your roof for around 20 minutes.
  3. Using a soft cleaning brush, remove any stubborn dirt on your roof.
  4. Use a standard garden hose to rinse your roof.
  5. Apply a roof treatment solution that can offer long term protection against the growth of mold, moss, algae, or mildew.


Keep in mind that roof cleaning can be exhausting and dangerous because it involves climbing up the roof. In addition, the mixture of detergent and water will make the roof slippery. If you’re not fit to climb your roofs, better call expert roof cleaners in Surrey. Not only will they be able to climb your roof safely, but they can also clean your roof effectively without voiding it of its warranty.

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