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Roof Repairs Surrey, BC

Every roof needs a little attention once in a while. And while there is no need to constantly worry whether your roof is in an acceptable condition, or if it is in need of roof repairs, Surrey Roofing is here to help. Making sure your roof is watertight and functional is wise, especially before winter. Surrey Roofing is an industry expert in waterproofing, roof and ceiling repairs, roof painting, skylight installation and maintenance, seamless guttering, and re-roofing. Don’t wait until your roof has multiple problems—if you get your roof repaired at the first sign of trouble, it can save you having to mend more expensive issues further down the line.


Roofing Repairs In Surrey, BC – What Can Go Wrong

Roofs take a real beating throughout the year. They handle the baking heat of summer, the strong winds of autumn, and the freezing harshness of winter. These conditions can lead to all kinds of trouble on your rooftop. And keep in mind that it’s not only residential roofs that need to be monitored and repaired from time to time; commercial and industrial rooftops also need to inspected, to catch any repairs early, and to make sure they are ready to handle next year’s weather.


If you have ivy on your roof or any overhanging trees, you have to pay close attention; these situations can eventually cause damage to your roof. Yes, ivy may look beautiful when it climbs around the walls and chimneys, but it is one of the worst things to have on your roof. The same can be said about looming trees. Leaves can collect in gutters and pipes; these must be cleared regularly to avoid backup. And keep in mind—falling branches can also damage your roof.


Cracked and broken tiles, leaking and overflowing gutters, chimney leaks, rusted bolts and screws, compromised waterproof membrane, and sun-damaged waterproofing will leave your roof prone to leaks, water damage—and insect infestations. Borer bees and termites love to set up home in damp wood and tile. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, call Surrey Roofing for a free on-site assessment and quote. We will be able to identify the points of vulnerability on your roof and present a cost-effective solution to your roofing repair needs or recommend a roof replacement if need be.


Commercial and Residential Specialist Roof Repair

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property, we can provide you with expert roofing advice and a comprehensive roof report. These professionally compiled reports are acceptable proof of the state of the roof, and what is required to repair it. When you have a roof report in your hands, you will know how best to proceed with any sale agreement. It is also a good thing to have for insurance assessment. By allowing the professionals to handle your roof repairs, Surrey residents can mitigate any unforeseen accidents or expenses, such as the roof leaking in winter or interior property damage.

Whether your roof is sagging or just needs a bit of roof repair work, we’ve got you covered—just like a well-constructed roof. Surrey Roofing has been actively providing the highest-quality roofing repair and roof installation in Surrey BC and South Surrey BC for many years.

Not all roofs have to be replaced. Even if you have experienced roof damage and water leaks, you may be able to simply repair your roofs. Other companies may try to talk you in to replacing them so that they can charge you more. But when you call us, we’ll give you an honest inspection and estimate, and we can quote you on repairing your roof only and will only advise a full roof replacement if absolutely necessary.

Most roof issues are minor enough that you simply need quick roof repairs Surrey Roofing can easily handle this. A patch, some replacement tiles, or other minor cosmetic work. Best of all, your insurance may be able to cover it, meaning no out of pocket expenses for you. We just want you to have the best roof possible. Call (604) 332-6664