Birds Can Damage Your Roof

How Birds Can Damage Your Roof

How Birds Can Damage Your Roof in Surrey, BC   Fluttery, feathery, and cute – these are just some of the first impressions many people get when they see birds flying near their homes. But, no matter how cute they appear to be, birds can damage your roof and actually cause major problems. So, if you notice a bunch of birds frequently paying a visit on the roof of your home,…

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Clean Your Roof

Best Way to Clean Your Roof

Best Way To Clean Your Roof In Surrey, BC As your roof protects you and your family for years, it’s unsurprising for it to get dirty over time. It is important to clean your roof on a semi regular basis to keep it in peak condition.    Common dirt such as leaves, soil, and branches can be commonly found on any roof. Aside from these common types of dirt, it…

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Metal Roof

Simple Repairs for Metal Roof Leaks

Simple Repairs for Metal Roof Leaks Having a metal roof for your home can have wonderful benefits. First of all, metal roofs are durable and can withstand heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind during stormy and rainy months. Metal roofs are also excellent in reflecting excessive heat during the summertime. To top it off, metal roofs are great in shedding snow during winter. But, naturally, metal roofs have their…

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Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt Roofs and UV Rays

Asphalt Roofs and UV Rays There are various factors that could cause damage to our asphalt roofs. Strong winds, excessive rain, built up snow, extreme heat, and different animals are just some of them.   During rainy or snowy months, it’s easy to spot some signs of roof damage such as leaks. But in actuality, these roof damages happen long before you see some signs of problems.   One of…

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roofing companies near me

Roofing Companies Near Me

Roofing Companies Near Me If you are looking for a legitimate tile roofing contractor, it’s easy to find one. Just by simply keying in roofing companies near me in your search engine and you would be provided with a list of different roofing contractors within your area. Keep in mind that it’s not enough that you just look for ‘roofing companies near me,’ it would be better if you check for…

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skylight Surrey

What You Need to Know About Skylight Installation In Surrey, BC

Skylight Installation Skylights have become all the rage lately. New homes have them, and old houses are getting them installed. What’s the big deal? What is a skylight? Well, it is a window that is secured into the roof or the ceiling. It allows natural light to come in, well, naturally. The average cost of having a skylight installed into your house ranges from $650 to $3,500. This amount, of…

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roofing service contractor

Roofing Service Contractor

Roofing Service Contractor The best choice in roofing in Surrey! ​Few things are as important to your home as a properly maintained roof. This is especially true with a city like Surrey, BC. We get some cold nights and plenty of rain. You definitely don’t want to be caught in the rain with a worn out roof. When you need the best roofing company in British Columbia, you need Surrey…

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roof washing

Roof Washing Services and Roof Cleaning in Surrey, BC

Roof Washing Services By Professionals Many homeowners like to wash their rooftops on their own, but you can always hire professional help. Expert roofers also provide roof washing services in Surrey. Professional roof cleaners have the equipment and skills necessary to thoroughly clean and inspect your roof, safely and effectively.  Below are a few other benefits of hiring professionals to clean your roof. 1.         Environmental Concerns One important advantage is that professionals know the…

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roofer in Surrey

Roofer In Surrey

ROOFER IN SURREY The roof of any building is the most important part of the structure. This is what holds the entire thing, but it is neglected time and again. Although specialized roofers in Surrey emphasize the importance of regular maintenance due to seasonal weather changes, people still let it be. ​Here are few signs that it is time to call a professional to ensure a long life for your…

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roof washing

Avoiding Scam Roofing Services within Surrey, BC Area

Avoiding Scam Roofing Services within Surrey While it is usual for homeowners to treasure their homes and do their very best to take care of it, not everyone is an expert in spotting damages. When it comes to taking notice of roof damages, it might be hard to detect roof damages. You may not know that something’s wrong until your roof starts to leak or some other problems arise. There…

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