Skylight Installation

If you are considering skylight installation in Surrey, then you should consider Surrey Roofing. We have provided homes and offices in Surrey BC and South Surrey BC with skylight installations of the very highest quality for many years. If you are not sure about which skylight would suit your home or office, call Surrey Roofing today for a free, no-obligation, on-site quote. We can help you determine which type, style, and features would best suit your needs.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Getting More Natural Light in Your Life


Skylight installations are a beautiful way of getting more natural light to flood through your home or office interior. Housing developers have had architectural requests for skylights to be installed in bathrooms, entrance halls, and even over the bed as a creative roof canopy! The possibilities are endless when you let your imagination run wild.

Skylights have also long been an effective way to get fresh, cool air flowing through the house; Thomas Jefferson used thirteen skylights as a way to both save on candle usage and circulate the fresh, healthy air in Monticello; he even had an oculus. With skylights, no interior fans are needed in summer, and the extra daylight will save from having to keep the lights on all day in the premises. Make this the year you kick fluorescent bulbs to the curb; install a skylight in your office and home.


What is an Oculus? Is it the Same as a Skylight?

An oculus, also called an oeil-de-boeuf window (cow’s eye), is similar to a skylight in that it allows the light into a room from above. It is a small window, usually oval or circular in shape, and is often found at the top of dome-shaped roofs and ornamental cupolas. An oculus is a skylight style that many homeowners are incorporating into newly built homes and replacement roofing features.


Commercial Use of Skylights

Skylights are extremely popular in commercial and residential buildings where the weather is rainy or dull; the longest skylight in the world can be found in a shopping mall in Canada. A skylight can provide the illusion of warmth and sunlight, even when the weather outside is less than ideal.


There are many types of skylight installations and options from which to choose:

  • Ventilating skylights that allow the circulation of air
  • Fixed skylights that are an integral part of the roof
  • Tubular and tilt-window skylights
  • Curb-mounted or deck-mounted skylights
  • Features such as automatic opening and ventilation, manually-controlled with a rod, insect screens, solar power ventilation, and impact glazing.


This variety can give you some idea of the selection of skylights for you to explore. If you have thoughts about turning your attic into usable living space or giving your new addition a visual boost of natural lighting, skylights are a way for you to add a little something extra into your home or office. Surrey Roofing has many years of experience installing the highest quality skylights. Call us today for a free quote.



Studies have proven that the body needs natural sunlight to stay happy and healthy. Too much time exposed to fluorescent bulbs can actually have the opposite effect. For an easier way to get a little more sunlight in your life, call us and have a brand new sky light installed in your home!
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