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Here at Surrey Roofing, we want to provide you with all the information you need so you can make the best roofing choice for your home and we will focus on cedar roofing in Surrey. We have been serving the roofing and re-roofing installation needs of the Surrey BC and South Surrey BC communities for many years. Our in-depth knowledge can help you decide between all the roofing materials and the pros and cons of each type. Let’s talk about cedar roofing in Surrey. Is this beautiful material the perfect choice for your home, or will a different roofing solution be a better option? Let’s find out.


Is Cedar Roofing the Ideal Choice for Your Home?

After being informed of all of the cedar roof replacement advantages, most homeowners will end up choosing this option. If you would like more information or need help before you decide, Surrey Roofing can provide you with a free on-site quote. Cedar shingles are the perfect choice for many homes, but it ultimately depends on the location, climate, and geographical exposure of the residence itself. Of course, the most essential part of the equation is whether or not the price is a cost-effective solution to your roofing requirements.

Cedar Roofing Pros

It is very easy to list the obvious benefits of cedar roofing: They are exceptionally beautiful, durable, weather-resistant, and energy efficient. But most customers feel that the best thing about cedar roofing is the natural beauty, which contributes to raising the value of your property. It also ages into a gorgeous, silver-grey tone.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, cedarwood roofing is long-lasting and tough. These two facts combined make it the perfect material choice. High-quality cedar wood lasts over ten years longer than other roofing materials, such as slate and asphalt. Cedarwood shakes and shingles can stand up to strong winds and are highly effective against downpours and hail. They are the roofing material of choice for many homeowners who live in a climate such as Surrey and South Surrey; we experience extreme temperatures—both the high heat of summer, and the cold, wet winters. Cedarwood can handle both with no problem.


Cedar Roofing Cons

Ongoing maintenance and up-front cost of cedar roofs may give you pause when considering this roofing material. When you compare it to other roofing materials, like slate and asphalt, cedar roofs cost more to purchase and install. Our team of specialists at Surrey Roofing have long-term relationships with the best roofing material suppliers in the area. This means we get preferred buyer prices, and we are happy to pass these savings on to you. You will find our quotes for the installation of cedar roofing in Surrey to be the best prices in both Surrey and South Surrey BC and probably even in other areas of the lower mainland as well .


Cedar Roof Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and investment of your cedar roof in Surrey, there are a few considerations. The roof needs to be inspected once a year for moss, mildew, and mould; it should also be treated with a preservative. This is a relatively quick and easy maintenance process for the homeowner and can be addressed by a thorough roof cleaning every couple of years.

Cedar Roofing Overview

The savvy homeowner knows that when it comes to beautiful, functional cedar roofing in Surrey, you want to focus on the highest quality cedar roof installation. Cedar roofs are reliable, with unmatched durability and a stunning natural look that can’t be achieved with other roof tiles. If you are looking for the beauty of a cedar roof, we are your go-to experts.


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The top rated cedar roofing Surrey residents rely on is Surrey Roofing. Whether you prefer cedar shingle or cedar shakes roofing, we can install it fast. With our professional, experienced service you’re getting the best roof possible for less than anyone else. The strong cedar interlocks for unparalleled weatherproofing, and provides a great defense against harsh storms. It even makes your home more energy efficient. If you love the look of cedar roofing, Surrey residents agree that Surrey roofing is your best bet.


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