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Avoiding Scam Roofing Services within Surrey

While it is usual for homeowners to treasure their homes and do their very best to take care of it, not everyone is an expert in spotting damages.

When it comes to taking notice of roof damages, it might be hard to detect roof damages. You may not know that something’s wrong until your roof starts to leak or some other problems arise.

There are many dependable businesses providing roofing services in Surrey that would be happy to help such as Surrey Roofing; sadly, there are scammers too. Usually, scammers are preying on customers who aren’t that knowledgeable on roofing repair services.

It‘s crucial to be aware of the scamming techniques of these fraudulent roofing services in Surrey so you would not be victimized by any of them.

These scammers have various means of scamming homeowners, and one of these techniques involves going door-to-door within a certain location offering roof repairs. Don’t forget that companies with a good name don’t go knocking on doors looking for clients – the clients go to them for help instead.  Scammers who practice this technique would inspect your roof – but they would fabricate damages that were not there. Others even go as far as inflicting damage to your roof so you would need to have it repaired.

Scammers who go door-to-door aren’t the only ones you need to avoid. There are other scammers also known as ‘storm chasers.’ Storm chasers focus on locations that are usually hit by storms and once a storm hits – they appear and offer their services. While storm chasers do the job, they quality of the job they complete is poor. The minute the homeowner notices that the repair was substandard– the storm chasers have already moved somewhere else.

There are scammers with offers known as “Elevator Rides”. Their modus operandi includes offering a low estimate to get you to hire them. After being hired, they would suddenly discover some new damages that were overlooked before. Thus they would ask for additional payment to be able to fix the newly-discovered damages.

Another technique scammers have to ask for down payment. Some of these scammers would say that they won’t be able to start any job without down payment and would need the funds to purchase materials.

Someone who abruptly shows up on your doorstep offering roofing services but forces you to sign the contract is probably a scammer, too. There are scammers who would push you into signing a contract with them and won’t take no for an answer. If you refuse, they will offer unrealistic, made-up deals just to get you to sign.

Although some of these scams aren’t easy to identify, there are some things you can do to avoid being tricked.

For instance, for contractors asking for down payment – don’t give payment until the entire job is completed. There are reputable suppliers that provide materials to legitimate companies and wouldn’t ask for payment until the work is done.

For the rest of the scammers, the best way to avoid being scammed is to do a little research. Check the web for information about the company, and look at their experience of being in the business.

Vigilance would go a long way, too. Be wary of contractors offering you an unbelievably low rate. Asking a few different roofing companies for estimates would give you a general idea of how much the average cost should be.

Being extremely cautious and meticulous in hiring a roofing company would save you from a lot of problems so don’t hesitate to ask questions and investigate a little. For the trusted name in roofing in Surrey, contact Surrey Roofing.

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