skylight Surrey

What You Need to Know About Skylight Installation In Surrey, BC

Skylight Installation Skylights have become all the rage lately. New homes have them, and old houses are getting them installed. What’s the big deal? What is a skylight? Well, it is a window that is secured into the roof or the ceiling. It allows natural light to come in, well, naturally. The average cost of having a skylight installed into your house ranges from $650 to $3,500. This amount, of…

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roof washing

Roof Washing Services and Roof Cleaning in Surrey, BC

Roof Washing Services By Professionals Many homeowners like to wash their rooftops on their own, but you can always hire professional help. Expert roofers also provide roof washing services in Surrey. Professional roof cleaners have the equipment and skills necessary to thoroughly clean and inspect your roof, safely and effectively.  Below are a few other benefits of hiring professionals to clean your roof. 1.         Environmental Concerns One important advantage is that professionals know the…

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Roofing and Roof Replacement

ROOFING AND ROOF REPLACEMENT IN SURREY Your home deserves quality roofing services. That’s why you need a local, family-owned company you can trust. We’ve been serving our community with great quality re-roofs and roof repairs. We want you to have the peace of mind you deserve knowing when you call us, your roofs will last. We specialize in all types of residential re-roofing options to give you the best job…

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