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How Birds Can Damage Your Roof

Birds Can Damage Your Roof

How Birds Can Damage Your Roof in Surrey, BC


Fluttery, feathery, and cute – these are just some of the first impressions many people get when they see birds flying near their homes. But, no matter how cute they appear to be, birds can damage your roof and actually cause major problems.

So, if you notice a bunch of birds frequently paying a visit on the roof of your home, it would be best to phone in your trusted roofing inspectors and have your roofs checked for any damage so that the roof repair can be done sooner before the problem worsens.


Here are some ways birds can damage your roof:


The nest’s birds build can clog your gutters. – Birds love to build their nests on roof gutters. Unfortunately, this collection of dried twigs, branches, leaves, and dirt can cause a blockage in your gutters – effectively blocking the smooth elimination of water from your roof. When water gets stuck on your gutters, it will look for other spots to seep in and get inside your walls or fascia. Water stuck on gutters for a long time can also lead to rusting and gutter damage.


Nests can cause serious accidents. Aside from nests clogging the gutters on your roof, they can cause accidents, too. Since birds’ nests are usually made of twigs and leaves, they can be regarded as kindling. If these nests are positioned particularly close to electric wires near your roof, they can cause a fire.


Bird droppings can corrode your roof. Bird droppings are very acidic and can cause your metal roof to rust prematurely causing holes in your roof that will eventually need repaired. 

Birds can peck at your roof. Some species of birds love pecking at roof shingles in search of bugs, and other species peck at roofs to attract mates. While pecking is natural for virtually any bird, this can lead to holes on your roof – resulting in leaks.

To prevent bird damage to your roof, hire professionals such as Surrey Roofing, for regular roof inspections and roof cleaning on a regular basis.


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