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Simple Repairs for Metal Roof Leaks

Metal Roof

Simple Repairs for Metal Roof Leaks

Having a metal roof for your home can have wonderful benefits. First of all, metal roofs are durable and can withstand heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind during stormy and rainy months. Metal roofs are also excellent in reflecting excessive heat during the summertime. To top it off, metal roofs are great in shedding snow during winter.

But, naturally, metal roofs have their weaknesses, too. For one, they tend to accumulate rust due to oxidation and old age. Rust in metal roofs is one of the primary causes of holes in metal roofs – leading to roof looks during rainy weather.

Commonly, professional roofers would apply a protective coating over metal roofs after installation to prolong its life and prevent any premature rusting.

Sadly, even the most effective anti-corrosion roof coatings have their limitations. There would be times that rust can still begin to form on metal or aluminum roofs and there’s really nothing you can do to stop it when it finally happens.


There are simple steps you can take to temporarily fix a leaking metal roof caused by rust or holes. But, while these steps can stop the leaking, remember that it would still be best to ask for the professional help of roofers to totally eliminate the leaking problems on your roof or for any other major roof repair


  1. Look for the rust on your roof and begin removing it. Luckily, rust can be removed using steel wool. Once you get rid of all the rust, apply a metal roof primer on your roof. Then, apply a roof paint or coating over the affected area.


  1. If there’s a hole on your metal roof, seal it with a protective sealant and let it dry.


  1. If their hole on your metal roof is bigger than you expected, consider patching it up. Measure the damaged area. Then, cut a sheet of metal roofing to this size. Patch the hole and use screws to keep it in place. Use a sealant to seal any gaps under the screws and around the patch.


  1. In case that the damage on your metal roof is extensive, call your local roofing professional such as Surrey Roofing right away. There are some cases when roof replacement would just be simply more practical than doing some repairs, especially if your roof is old.

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